June 12, 2012

My Job

Lately I have been feeling a bit envious of my friends and family who are back home living a tranquil life with the common comforts that Guatemala doesn't provide. Like the simple act of driving a car, always having hot water, electricity, gas, supermarkets, etc. I have also been thinking a lot about just how strange my job really is.
Basically, I am paid by the United States government to make friendships with locals, to help communities, and to represent the US as best I can.
They pay me close to nothing, yet it is adequate enough for me to live month by month in a semi comfortable environment and work in Guatemala with locals. (stoked to be employed!)
It's awesome that I can chose what I do, when I do it and how. Not many 24 year old's can say that about their jobs.
(but props to those of you that can!)
I deal with weird things on the regular and surprisingly I have mastered certain techniques (mostly lies and blank stares) to show people I am not completely amazed, appalled, disgusted or repulsed by things that happen every day. Sometimes there are just too many things that happen in a day and my mastered facial expressions lose all respectability and most likely look like this dude's. So, this is by far the most interesting, frustrating and amazing job that I know of. Im finally getting to understand why there are so many rules and stipulations because this job isn't easy, it isn't a vacation and it isn't anything I had ever expected. 
So, on the not so odd days I work with women and right now we are right in the middle of  planting their gardens. It has been a struggle to get them to understand some of the key principles but mostly it is a rewarding experience watching the groups that have the gannas (desire) to work hard, follow organic practices and have a good harvest. Props to my girls in Agua Zarca!


happy cabbage 

forcing them to learn! 

And this little dude. 
 So, that's all I have for now. Take care loves!

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  1. Thanks for the update, Posha! Keep at the hard work. I know sometimes jobs can be a drag, but just know that for most people, lots of their workday is a drag and yours sounds so exciting to me! I love you.